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belived to be a Invalid! this could be a case of wound or
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Probably became so after the fighting in Ruoen Fr.or le Harve,and so sent to Sark.?After Marie died in 1812,he
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9. All Saints Church was bombed between 30 Nov and 1 Dec 1940,and all the remains of the of the people buried in the catacombs were removed in August of 1944 to Holybrook
Cemetery on the outskirts of Southampton. None of the
memorials survived. It was belived there may have been in the nave or chancel of the church,one to Sir Philip and his wife.The house they had had been destroyed during the war,she had lived there until 1802.
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that time part of a convoy to a fleet of colliers,out of
Newcastle bound for London, the fleet fell in with a
Dutch man of war of some fifty guns and three hundred
men : the Pearl being a small frigate of twenty six guns
The action between them commenced at about eleven of
the clock in the mornig,and continued,without a
interruption for sevral hours: there being so dead calm
that the Little Viceroy,frigate who was also of the convoy
could not come to her assistance.A breeze springing up
when night approached and affording the Victory an
oppertunity of succouring her comfort, the Dutch ship
though still superior in force ,made all the sail he could
to get off, after having lost a number of his men and
received considerable damage to in his hull.Our ships
continued the chase for some short time but the Pearl
herself being a great deal disalbed,Capt Carteret thought
it most prudent to quit her,and return to his charge.
Little is known of Benjamin ,but in1671 he was made a
Lieutenant of the Crown,the following year he was moved,
into the St 1673 into the Triumph.
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